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Local Submissives
Thanks to the Internet, it's now easy to meet real fucked up girls who love to be treated like shit! I just got a free membership at Local Submissives and it's already proven to be a gold mine of emotionally ruined girls with daddy issues! Check that shit out.
Dirty Danza
This guy is the king of abusing girls... He slaps them, gags them until they choke on their own vomit, and even puts plastic bags over their heads... He pissed in this one whores mouth until she puked it up! If you want to see girls being fucking destroyed, check out Dirty Danza!

Black On Black Crime
Black guys abusing black girls! No interracial themes here, just some good 'ol fashion whore abuse going down in the ghetto. The guys are hung like elephants and let's face it, these sluts deserve the rough treatment.

Facial Abuse
No one knows whore abuse like these fuckers! Facial Abuse is the best extreme throatfucking and facial site on the net! Drench those sluts with cum!

Ghetto Gaggers
This site is brilliant! These white guys go into the ghettos and pick up some hood rat black chicks for what always ends up being a rough gagging party! Good times.

Latina Abuse
Whats the fun of third world countries if you can't slap the whores around a little? Latina Abuse features some hot ass latina girls being choked, gagged, and generally degraded beyond belief!

Biohazard Bitches
This site is fucking hilarious! They fuck their bitches in bathrooms and make em lick the toilets and stick their heads through the seats... great shit!

Sex And Submission
Sex and Submission is one of the only sites online that have the balls to show videos of girls tied up and and used like whores! Nothing hotter than a slut on her knees with her hands tied behind their back!

Pornstar Punishment
This is a brand new site featuring some of the hottest pornstars online, except they are being fucked abused! These whores show up for normal porn shoots and by the end they are crying while getting slapped and degraded! Best place to see those stuck up bitches get absolutely fucking destroyed...

Fuck Her Throat
What a fucking classic! Fuck Her Throat has tons of new high quality gagging videos of hot sluts getting their throats absolutely destroyed by cock! It's the best site right now!

Piss Whore Training
This site is nasty as hell! These girls are forced to drink piss! They kneel down on all fours, and the guy pulls their hair and pees down their throats until they choke on it! Check it out!
Meat Members
The Meat Members network has some of the most badass sites on the net, including Gagging Whores... If you're not already a member you're missing the fuck out!

Cum Hogs
Ok, this is fucking hilarious! Cum Hogs is the most degrading shit I've seen in a long time... They make the whores wear these pig noses before fucking their throats and busting nut all over their faces! Fucking genius!
Wife Writing
This site is something different... These big black guys take married white women, and write shit all over them like "bitch" and "whore" before gangbanging the hell out of em! Hot.
All Rough Sex
The guys at All Rough Sex have quite the collection of brutal fuck movies... They vary from tied up gangbangs, slapping, domination, fish hooking, and more! Check it out.

Brutal Blowjobs
Yes these blowjobs are fucking brutal! Check out these whores getting drilled right in the back of the throat!

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